Everyone Bathes

Let's face it - everyone bathes. Why have a boring commercial soap bar when you can have fun instead?

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Custom Made

Tell us what type of soaps you like, what sort of scents you like, and what you want it to look like. We give you a perfect soap just for you.

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Gift Giving

Dad doesn't need a new tie for the holiday season - he needs a manly scented soap with his personality all over it!

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Kat Made This

It’s not just that we make soap – there’s lot of big companies that do that.  Warehouses and warehouses full of boring bars of soap, all of them looking and smelling exactly the same.  It’s like some sort of soap oppression, where everything is a conformist solution.

But, you’re not a conformist, are you?  You’re an individual – unique in every way.  Except that boring bar of soap you use every day.

Han SoapWe make bathing fun and imaginative.  We work with you to create anything a small as a one-off soap to large orders for wedding favors.  We build your personality into your soap – it’s shape, it’s smell, it’s color, it’s type.  We’ve got a pretty good idea what works and what doesn’t work, but we never let our imagination hamper your imagination!

So, what will it be?  A nice goat milk soap?  A silky shea butter soap?  A cleansing honey soap?  A relaxing olive oil soap?  Or maybe an edgy hemp oil soap?  And should it smell sweet, or citrusy, or musky, or heck, maybe smell like bacon?  And will it be a geeky shape, or something a little more classical?  You haven’t lived until you’ve tried bathing with an oatmeal gingerbread man!

Sure, it’s not as easy as going to the store and buying a bar of soap.  We don’t have a warehouse full of premade soaps for you to choose a conformist solution from.  Instead, we hand craft them – so you know ours are made with care, love, and a bit of humor!